B. Wilson




To alleviate financial burden and provide administrative resources for college-level, self-producing dance artists. BWPS seeks to prepare students for real-world experiences as producing artists.


Founding Director, Brittany Wilson, has always had a passion for performing and choreographing but also recognizes the support young artists need in order to build their dreams. As an Arts Administrator, Wilson wanted to make a difference in someone’s artistic journey and found philanthropy as an appropriate way to give back.

Photo: Kadeem Nichols

Photo: Daviston Jeffers

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Wilson chooses to focus on college-level artists because of the immense amount of support she received as a student from professors, mentors and fellow peers. She was given many opportunities to showcase her work without the burden of budgeting for studio space, performance space and dancer fees. She is eternally grateful for those opportunities but quickly learned after graduation how unlikely it is to produce work for free. With this daunting realization, she realized just how much she took her college experience for granted. Now 5 years after graduation and the inevitable ups & downs of being an artist, Wilson is in a position to help emerging artists transition from a place of familiarity & stability to the highly competitive world of dance.